Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fun at the Park

Wow I can not believe tht it finally got nice enough to beable to go outside in the sun with out a coat and play. Aaron was home sick yesterday and we were all kind of stir crazy so I suggested we go outside. So we took the bunny and invited Kelli ad her kids to go to the park. It was soo sunny and nice. Maddy had to wear a light jacket but the rest of the girls were fine. Snowflake got mauled by the kids as i expected. The one draw back to taking him to the park I guess. But the nice thing too is that I talk to new people. :)

While I may not be at my best in the blazing sun. I do enjoy the spring sun. It was really nice seeing the kids run around and have fun. It was also very nice to beable to chat with Kelli and just enjoy the fresh air. I can not wait to do it agian. Hopefully today it will be nice enough to go out too.

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