Friday, April 06, 2012

Random craft projects

Below are some pics of random crafts I have done with my toddlers over the past 2 weeks.

The giraffe for Zoo Animal week. I drew the giraffe on big yellow paper and then let the kids use my brown dot-to-dot markers to make the spots.

The eggs in the grass for Easter. I cut up green streamers and tissue paper in to small strips and then different colored eggs. Then I let the kids glue it on to look like the eggs were in the grass (or floating above as in the pic lol)

The lion for Zoo Animal week. I took a paper plate and let the kids glue on yellow strips of tissue paper around the edges for the mane and then they glued on the orange face with hoodoos eyes. I drew the lion face on according to where the eyes were placed after I asked the child of the lion was happy or sad. Usually it's happy. :)

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Anonymous said...

A very happy Easter to you and yours.

Your blog is the first that I have managed to find that is up to date. Too many were abandoned years ago. I will leave my 'calling card' hoping that you will return this visit.

You will find me here at any time that is convenient to you.