Thursday, April 26, 2012

Community workers-doctor

This week we are talking about community worker in my toddler class. Wednesday we talked about Doctors. I thought I would share my circle time activity and color page.

Circle time activity (first pic): I found a line drawing of a boy and a girl on Google and colored them in. After covering each with clear contact paper, I put the soft side of sticky Velcro dots on different parts of their bodies. Then I colored the dots red. Now it looks like they have injuries. Then I printed off a page of line drawing band-aids on to a light orange paper. I cut them out and covered them in contact paper. Then I put the rough sticky velcro dots on them. I attached the boy and girl to my felt board and let each child come up and fix an injury with a band-aid like a doctor would. They played this game 2-3 times and loved doing it.

Color page is the same boy and girl from circle time. I let the kids pic which they wanted regardless of their gender. Then I let them color it how ever they wanted. After they sufficiently scribbled all over the page I let them glue the paper band-aids on where ever they wanted. It was fun for them to fix injuries. :)

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