Thursday, April 26, 2012

Community worker-Mailman

This week we are talking about community workers. Today we talked about Maiman. I thought I would share an activity I did with my toddler class.

I made different colored "letters" to be delivered using colored index card from the dollar store. Then I made mail boxes to have the "letters" delivered too. Then attached a "letter" to each one so that they can deliver to the matching colors. The toddlers had a lot of fun delivering the "letters".

To make the mailboxes I took a paper plate and cut a half circle out of the middle, it looked kinda like a basket with a handle after. Them I glued the edges to card stock and let it dry. After it dried I cut the extra card stock off around the plate. Then I glues a "letter" on the front of each. I taped them to my felt board when we used them.

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