Friday, April 02, 2010

My job

I am a member of a small group. I love my job!! It is rare that someone can say this or at least it is rare for me. I get to play with babies and be creative and be in charge. I get to tell others what to do and my boss has my back. I feel very comfortable there.

The babies have thier challenges like when they cry and you can not figure out what they need to feel better. The creativity comes through when I plan what activities we are going to do. There are alot of limitations because they are babies but I still have a ton of things that we do together. I also have a great mural of the kids on the wall and that gets changed some according to the seasons. I make each child a scrapbook for when they leave me and this too helps keep y creativity fresh.

I am nervous because my current assistant is going to be leaving in a month and a half. It is going to be tough I believe to start anew making sure that I am respected and known as knowledgeable enough to be the one in charge. I am worried that one of the part time assistants we have will move up to be my full time assistant. I am worried because I don;t know that we will get along as well as my current assistant. But this is a trial I will have to work through when I need to. We shall see what happens.

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