Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ok so this is sooo crazy. We are doing a christmas program for the preschool and it has potential to be a great one. But Jessie is making it so complicated and Lnzie is not pulling her weight and I feel like I do not even really know what is going on.

I just came home from a practice session at the school and i totally feel like crying. Its crazy. The kids are wound up. Jessie is crabby and I am lost. lol

Well it will be great I hope. I just have to get the skirts all done

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spaceyhawks said...

I just read your comment on the clothes thing on kelli's page. She never likes anything I pick out for Gracie, luckily she likes everything I pick out for Gabe. Well she and I both think it's gonna be a girl, so I asked her the other day if I will ever be allowed to buy clothes for her girls, she said she's gonna have to think about it real hard. ;-)I'm learning her style so I think I will be in good graces again. LOL!