Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas was really great!

Well I can not show you photos just yet but I will soon.

We went up to my parents on christmas eve. It was nice to see them. They got the girls these cute books with thier names writen into the story. I can not wait to read 'em to them. They also got to sled for a bit in the snow. They had great fun. Then we had dinner with them and headed off to see my sister Naomi.

Naomi has yet another new boyfriend, he seems really nice though. Anyway we gave everyone a picture of the girls that was sooooo cute. But I had left her gift up and my parents incase we did not see her. So I felt bed when she gave me my gift (but only a little) lol. She got me some bath stuff and her boyfriend gave us the New Transformers movie. That was totally awesome of him. Then off to my in-laws. Busy night lol.

We spent the night at my in-laws. The girls were very excited to see them. Infact all day they asked when we were going to get thier. lol. SO we put the girls to bed and put out the pluthera of gifts under the tree.

When the girls woke up they were soo excited tosee all the gifts. We were going to start right away in opening but the girls were HUNGRY!!. LOL so after some breakfast we started opening presents. Cherise totally dove right into getting presents and tearing them open. It was caous for a little while but we resolved it pretty quick. The girls got so many great things to keep them entertained.

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