Saturday, March 31, 2007

Change is comming just don't know when.

Well because we got a dog (yes a dog lol) we have decided that we want to get into a house. Now we are no where near the financial status to buy so we have looked to rent. We found a house out side of town that is ok. I stress ok because it is not perfect like the place we are in now was when we moved here. It is a bit cheaper in rent, has a yard. That is where for me the good things end. There is a big commute everyday, we are farther from friends and stores, there is a huge security deposit for our animals, the "yard" right now is mostly mud, and this place only has one bathroom. Oh and the big thing is that I was told by friends who I trust that the school system out there is not good at all.

So why have we not just said no to this place yet? Aaron is stuck soo much on the idea of having a house and a yard, that now that we have the chance to get into one all he can see is the good stuff and is ignoring the bad. And for me the bad is big this time.

My friends have told me to hold off renting this place and wait for summer and look for houses to rent then. There are more options then. And I like that idea alot.

So I am on a crusade to convince Aaron that this house is not the place to be right now.

Wish me luck!!!


Starmom74 said...

Point out to him the extra cost of gas for BOTH of you to get to work and back.
Point out the one bathroom!!
With three girls this is a disaster waiting to happen!
Point out the distance from friends will make you feel excluded from everything, because driving to be with friends will be so much more expensive.

It is not worth it to move when there is more negitive to possitive.

lavender & sage said...

I have convinced him that it is just not right finally. he is sad but he admitted that it was only because it was a house with a yard like i thought. But we will look agian this summer and I am sure we will find somethign nice then.