Monday, April 02, 2007


It just doesn't make sense
We try and try
There are so many crying
We all know why
The solution is there
We don't like to see it
Who will step up?
We want to but...
Then who will help us.


Kelli said...

There is a book I recommend. It is called, "There is no death" They might have it at the journal. It is kinda like a near death experience book. Except, this woman tried to commit suicide and visited the spirit world. It is such an inspiring book and helped remind me why I am here and what is really important for me to accomplish in my life. She does not claim to be any particular religion in the book, but I have a feeling she is LDS. It has really helped me lately.

lavender & sage said...

that sounds neat

if only I had time to read :)