Thursday, March 08, 2007

Well things are pretty much the same. My job is complicated, my kids are misbehaving and my husband is feeling alone. But I am trying as hard as I can to remain positive and remember that things do get better. You just never know when hehe. Well here is to hoping that things will get better soon.

I love all of my friends and I love my family and I love the Lord for giving them all to me.


Kelli said...

Take time and do something special for yourself. Make time to do something that will renew your energy and hope in life. Probably something artistic, but not stressful would be good. I know this helps me when I'm experiencing the "blahs" of life;)
Love you!

kate said...

I think that I am holding on by a thread too. Spring break is next week. I feel like these next two days will do me in. The anxiety is the worst part! Anyway, we've been doing a painting night at our house. Some neighbor girls come and paint too. We eat food, listen to the radio, and paint our stress away. We have a billion paint brushes, tubes of acrylic paints, and we all feel the need to escape!!! I would love for you to join us! Are you free around 7 or 8pm? let me know what night is good for you! If you don't paint with acrylics you could bring anything you wanted to do.