Friday, November 17, 2006

Feeling much better about life!!!

Well for the past week I have been back on my meds and I am starting to feel much more likable. I talked to my bosses about my feelings of unapreciation and over worked without much pay and they felt that I was justified but not to worry because money is comming my way and they really do appreciate me alot. I feel much better about work.

Now I just need to feel better about my home life. I feel like i send all problems at home to my hubby and make him handle it as much as he can. We started marriage counciling and it seems to be helping.

This week is really hard because Aaron has pink eye and now a soar throat. He has allready missed 3 days of work and now will be missing today and I know that this is selfish but I keep worring about his paycheck. Especially with Christmas comming. I want to have an enjoyable Christmas this year. And I know that money can not make you happy but it can make things easier when you have the money to buy the things you need. So i am just praying that we can do that next month.

I am very excited abotu Christmas this year. I am not exactly sure why either. I mean its not any more special this year then previous. I actually should be sad aboutthis year because I don't have my friends nearer to me. But I really am excited. I can not wait to get to put my tree up and decorate. I can not wait to spend time with my family doing holiday things. And I am really excited for the Christmas play that my work is doing.

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