Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My grandfather

I only have ever known one grandfather in my life. He is a quiet man. He always seemed happy. He loved to have us visit I think. I know that he loved to take things apart and put them back together. He loves to keep everything he has ever owned. He has a collection of comic books and National Geographics in the reckroom that as kids we always looked through. He used his tools to make the neatest things. One thing I remember he made was a big wagon to haul stuff in. And he would take us for rides in it. That was fun. He has a collection of license plate on his reckroom front. I think that is pretty neat. He is always willing to help out his family and neighbors. I wish that I knew a bit more about him.

His health is failing. He has been diagnosed with alzhiemers. He falls alot so my granny has to stay with him all the time now. So she only gets out when my Uncle is there to help. I feel sad about this. He lead such a good and full life that I wish this was not the way he started to go. He can no longer take things apart because he can't remember how to put them back together. I am sure that is hard for him. And this has to be real hard on my granny because she sees everyday how much he is slipping away. She is a strong woman but I wonder how much of that strength comes from having him by her. I worry about how she will do when he is gone. And my dad is very close to him too. I am sad for him. I know this is going to be hard on him. Our family (my mom and dad) have not had to deal with alot of death, atleast for most of my life time. So it makes me wonder how this is going to effect them.

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Kelli said...

I think Alzheimers is one of the most difficult diseases. It's very hard when someone you love doesn't know you anymore. I remember when my grandpa Chandler, whom I was very close to got a brain tumor. The more it progressed, the more he lost touch with reality. I remember visiting and sitting next to him. He didn't know me anymore. It hurt so badly. I remember how strange it felt. I had been close to him since I was a little girl and he didn't know me. I am grateful for the experiences because they caused me to grow, but man it sure was/ is hard. I still miss him.

These things are so hard. I'm so sorry. Call me anytime if you want/need to talk.