Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trying to Stay Positive

I am finding it harder and harder to stay positive during the mundane parts of life.  I came up with and idea, I am sure its not original and there is probably a book out there talking about exactly this idea.  Well oh well.  I am going to try for today to list all the things I did that were positive contributors to my day.  I might try to do this other days but anytime I say I will commit to something I have a hard time sticking with it so I will say that its just for today and go from there.

I got up willingly with the alarm.
Did my hair.
Got dressed.
Took my vitamins.
Ate my yogurt for breakfast.
Chatted with my sister on facebook.
Drank my energy drink.
Calmed down two emotional students after a hard drop off.
Let my students make Leprechaun traps and decorate the class trap.
Let my students color their shamrocks for crystal making.
Made the solution it takes to make crystals with all 11 students.
Had a dance party with my students.
Read books to my students.
Got most of my students down for a nap.
Made a rainbow at lunchtime for our balloon race.
Drank another energy drink.
Let my students color and make Leprechaun hats.
Let my students color leprechauns for our balloon races.
Gave a student a "Lucky to have you as a student" badge.
Pushed some students on the swings.
Straightened up my desk. Organized!!
Came home.
Changed out of work clothes.
Started dinner.
Made this post on my blog.

Looking back at how many positive things I have accomplished today makes me feel really happy. I am sure that there are more things I could have added but did not think of.

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