Monday, March 04, 2013

Frazzled Monday

I took home work this weekend and was super excited as I worked on them.  I could not wait to share all my hard work with my class.  I was even looking forward to it this morning as I got ready for work and ate my breakfast.  I started to gather everything I had done over the weekend to put where I had intended it to go.  My kids were rather calm and seemed excited to see what I had brought.  But then I was over whelmed withe worry about things not going as I planned.  I should have pushed it down but BAM! things were starting to go awry.  A teacher had called in last night and could not come in today so the part time girls had to help cover her spot.  My break time went out the window along with the extra 10 minutes I was looking forward to gathering my thoughts with.  This is not the first time that this has happened. I have been put in this situation many times before and able to handle it with ease.  There was something though about this time that seemed to really make me struggle.  I had to text my boss about what was going on and she explained that my co-worker who could not come had a family emergency that required her attention.  I am very fond of this co-worker and so I added worry about her to my growing list of stressers for the morning. My kids barely mad it through recess with my sanity intact. I had a hard time focusing on circle time.  I barely kept it together at during activity time as well.  This Monday was just not looking so good. SO here I am at lunch time thinking about the morning and wondering how I am going to make it through the rest of the afternoon.  I feel like I am totally unorganized and unprepared for the week ahead of me. I hope i can pull myself out of this funk and have fun with my class.

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