Monday, October 24, 2011

Pain of a bitch

At 2:30 am Aaron woke me complaining of lower back pain. I do not wake very well at all so I was not nice with my response. After about 20 minutes of him writhing around on the bed in pain he says he needs to go to the ER. My first thought "crap we can't afford this". My second thought "how am I going to function at work tomorrow after just a few hours of sleep?".

So here we are at the ER for my hubby and I feel so much guilt at the way I thought about this situation.

Why is it that I thought this way? Why can't I have compassion for the fact that my husband is in pain?

He will be fine. He is most likely passing a kidney stone so they will load him up with meds and send home again. We have been through this before a few times now.

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