Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kayla's birthday party

Kayla had her birthday party this last saturday. She is now 9 years old. Ican not believe it, its crazy she made it through. lol

Well here are some pics of her Candy Land Party. I hope you like them.

This is the start of the game.

Well I could not think of amy snappy or witty comments to add to the pics. lol But the girls had soo much fun. We played the game 3 times. They got sooo much candy and then cake and ice cream. Then sent them home. BWAhahahahaah. It was great.


Nicole Campbell said...

That looks sooo cute! Looks like they had a blast. You are so dang creative! I might have to hire you for my child's birthday parties! Nice touch to send them home with so much candy and sugar in their system! HAHAHA AWESOME! I miss you guys so much! Oh and the family thing you made in the background on your wall. So freaking cute!

spaceyhawks said...

When kells told me about your plan I was so excited, I wanted to come so know me and candy. Seriously your drawings are incredible, I can't tell you enough how adorable this idea is. I'm so glad to hear the girls had fun. Way to stinkin cute!!! Miss you tons!

Hawks Family said...

That is seriously SO cute!!!!!!!
You are so creative! And WAY TO GO, check out those art skills! I bet the girls had a blast.
I wish I could come up with cute ideas like that. Your my hero!

Sabrina said...

THanks guys. We did have a blast and we are going to reuse them for Halloween at the daycare.