Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random pics

Madison showing off her outfit she modeled at the Old Navy Fasion Show. And cherise behind her. Hopefully I can get the video on here too.

Maddy and her best friend Maureen with there baby, a bottle of propane. lol
My lazy cat, just a cute pic.

Yea we all look trilled lol
Maddy fell out cold on the way up to my parents house a few saturday's sgo.
Cherise and her best pal. :)
The sleep over girls pretty much sleeping on top of each other lol. Cherise is in the middle.
One giant leap for cat kind. lol Dorkas cat, cool pic!

Cherise had a make over by her cousin Felisha. MEOW!!

The girls finally getting to hold their newest little nephew, Levi. What a cutie!!

Madison enjoying an ice cream cone. YUM!!

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spaceyhawks said...

I'm so excited you posted these pictures! They are so super cute. Especially those of my little guy! Since my sis doesn't have a camera, you'll have to take lots of pics for me and post them, or email me ;-)The girls are just so stinkin adorable, I can't wait til I can see them again.