Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cherise is sooo funny!

ok so as many of you know Cherise is turning 7. She still suffers from all her same problems but is getting a touch better each day with them. BUt I wanted to talk abotu her thumv sucking and something funny she said.

Well she came home from school with a ring pop and said that it helped her to not suck her thumb and I joked heck if that works lets get you a binky. lol Well she took me serious and later asked if she could really get a binky and i told her NO. Then she said "but mom it will help keep my thumb out of my mouth". I told her that she needs to just stop sucking it. And she said "But my thumb wont listen to me" ROFLMAO Oh my she is a nut.


spaceyhawks said...

Yeah I feel her pain. My thumb had a hard time listening to me when I was that age too. I really don't think I stopped til I was 11. Strange that I wasn't embarrassed at the time. Go figure. ;-)

Nicole Campbell said...

LOL that is awesome!!!!