Sunday, July 16, 2006

The above pictures are from our camping trips that I forgot I wanted to post. The top one is of all of the girls trying to catch bugs to put in thier bug holder. They had alot of fun with those for atleast 20 minutes. lol. The last one is of cherise at night trying to catch a bug. She kept repeating over and over "Come her bug!" in a cute, sweet and after about 10 minutes annoying voice. It was grandpa Gary that put a stop to it after that. lol THey had alot of fun on the trip.


Kelli said...

Cute pictures! Did you cut Kayla's hair? It looks really cute:)I can just hear Cherise saying that to the bug;)!

lavender & sage said...

Yes I had to cute Kayla's hair. She blantantly cut a piece of her hair off as I was sitting next to her. lol SO her punishment was to get it all cut off to that length she cut it too. BUt its ok since it is summer and it will be easier for her. I just a few days ago cut Cherises hair too.