Monday, February 06, 2012

My middle daughter

I messed my middle daughter up pretty bad as she was growing up. I was a stay at home m going through massive depression and even though I should have known better, I did noted right by her. Thank god I am now better able to handle my emotions most of the time and finally have honest insight in to how to raise and treat kids. I hope that my daughter will have a normal life from here on out. I hope that she knows that I did the best I could with her and that it's not her fault she is the way she is. Wow I have never said that to anyone. Wow

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Numb 67 said...

I understand how you feel. My mom was always caught up on her relationships that she neglected me, but no my sister. My sister always complained, making my mom give her everything. If she can forgive you for that, then you can too. Things happen, but they can be changed with effort and time