Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wedding dresses

So my sister Naomi is getting married on December 27th to a great guy. The girls are going to be kinds flower girl/helpers so I started making them some dresses in the wedding colors. This is Maddys dress. I still have to take the straps up some but she loves this dress. So cute.


Nicole Campbell said...

Congrats to Naomi! Mom told me the other day too. Too bad you guys are not here so you could come and get a dress from me! The girls dresses are wonderful, you are so freaking talented! I am excited to have my baby so you can make me some clothes! LOL JK! I wish we could have been there, or better yet you guys here for Thanksgiving. Hopefully next year!!!

spaceyhawks said...

Those dresses are darling!!! How exciting for Naomi. Tell her congrats. Can't wait to see you soon!