Monday, November 12, 2007

Yet another update !! :)

It has been a while agian. And there is soo much i want to talk about but i am soo tired I know that i won't get it all out right now. So I will do the best i can.

First and the most important and best news we have gotten in a long time is that Aaron got a huge raise from his boss at work. he got a whol 1.50. That has been a long time comming indeed. It has eased our minds greatly. Plus it came at a great time, not only just before Thanksgiving and Christmas but also becuase my hours are getting greatly reduced at the preschool due to a huge drop in enrollment.

I am down to working only 20 hours a week. It is 7:30-11:30 now. I am actually ok with that since its going to be a temperary change. Because I need to get stuff taken care of at home. Like I am making Kayla a quilt for this christmas and I want it to be a suprise. SO with the extra time i will have i think I will beable to accomplish that. I am very excited about it.

Cherise is finally seeing a cou8ncilor. I had a meeting with her teacher, school councilor, preinciple and school nurse. And they hjave all the same worries i do and that have said that they are going to help as much as possible and so far they seem to be doing so. BUt her councilor is soo nice. I don't know much of what she is doing now except she is taking lots of tests. I filled out dozens of suveys and gave out soo many for others to fill out as well. But I know that we are going in a good direction now. And I think we will se some vast inmproment soon.

Kayla is also seein her own councilor, but hers is for possible depression. Ithink I might be over reacting but you never know. And with me having deppression it is not such a far stretch to think she might. Her councilor is nice and i know Kayla will benifit from it.

Maddy is doing great. She is as fiesty as ever and lets you know it all the time. She is having some issues staying on her feet when running and playing but not enough yet for me to worry. lol. But she is such a mommies girl and with my lighter schedule we will be spending even more time together.

oh and me. I am doing pretty good. Right this moment i have a cold but that happens. I started a life style change eating habit. I am counting my calories and fiber and fat. I log everything down each day and am trying to stay under a certian amount. So far I am doing pretty good with that. i have had some high nights but for the most part I stay under my goal. and In the process I have lost 2 pounds in a week. oh and I don't feel like I am starving becasue I eat high fiber foods, lots of fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water.

Well that is really all I can think of right now to say. I will try to get back on her as soon as possible.


Kelli said...

I am so glad you posted!!! I miss you and think of you often.

I am so happy for you guys. It sounds as though things are going really well. That's awesome that Aaron got such a big raise! I am also so glad you have access to those counselors because you need people to help you in situations like these...regardless of what some people think, moms don't ALWAYS know all the answers.

The diet you are doing sounds similar to the weight watchers plan. My mother in law says that it is a really good plan. If you are consistent you can lose a pound or two a week which is really reasonable. By the end of a month you can lose almost ten pounds!

We are making good progress here too. Gabe is doing so much better, his teachers say he is like a new kid. Gracie is also starting to be able to transition into regular kindergarden classes which means her behavior at school is improving. I'm very happy about all of this. It's been a long time coming :D

Keep posting...I never got a chance to tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the jewelry and the fixes. They are PERFECT!!! Thank you so much, you are so talented!



lavender & sage said...

Thanks kelli. I love you too.

spaceyhawks said...

Oh it is so good to hear that things are going so so well! I am so thrilled to hear about Aarons raise. That is just fantastic and I am so thrilled for the both of you. I'm sorry to hear about the drop in hours but it seems that this will be a good thing spending time with the girls.

I just can't say enough as to how happy I am that you sound so happy. Things are going so well for you and I just couldn't be happier. You deserve it so much. I miss you more than ever. Know that I love you to pieces! Oh and just so you know, my sister in law Brandi added you to her blog and she loves your jewelry and wanted you to know that if you want to post pictures of it ever she wants to buy some from you. She loves the pieces you gave me and I get so many compliments on it. Thank you beautiful! Love you!