Monday, August 06, 2007

My craft bisness

Ok I was asked by Jeremy to be specific about my crafting bisness so I think I will do that here.

First I will start by making sure I have a room where I can keep and work on all my crafts. It will have wall to wall tables and shelves. Every kind of storage available to store my stock. It needs to have bead drawers and easel, sewing machine, and drawers for all supplies. I can envision the room in my mind.

Then I want to take some classes to better develop my drawing and painting, sewing, and I want to dabble in photography also.

So my idea is to go crazy with making crafts that people will purchase. I know that jewelry is a big one. I will do reasearch to find things that intrest people and start there.

I would also like ot create a preschool craft book. In that area I would enlist Jessie to help with the educational aspect of it.

Then I want to start traveling to fairs and craft shows to sell my stuff. I also would like to open a shop that is devoted to hand made crafts. The shop would either be in my home or close to it.

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ThornyTreeLady said...

Have you ever heard of etsy? Kind of an online bazzar. LOTS of great crafts people sell from their homes. Why don't you post some of your creations? I'd love to see them.