Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring arts

So this week we were talking about spring. I love the arts and crafts that I do with my kids this week.
1. I made flower shaped sponges and let the kids stamp flower shapes using paint. **pic to come**

2. Spring brings the ducks back so we used a kitchen spatula and paint to make duck prints. It looks like their little webbed feet. :)

3. I drew an umbrella on whit paper and let the kids color it. Then they glued rain drops on them. It's a spring shower. :)

4. I cut out a simple butterfly shape out of yellow paper. Then let the kids use my Do-a-dot markers to make spots on them. Then let them glue on different colored tissue paper squares and goggly eyes. When they are dry I will hang them from the ceiling. **pic to come**

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